Kamis, 03 April 2008

Dirangkul Adam Khoo

Saya merasa beruntung. Ketika menghadiri executive gathering di Hotel Aryaduta kemarin saya dirangkul oleh Adam Khoo.

Ya, saya memang dirangkul karena tangan saya tidak nyampe ketika berusaha merangkul balik. :)

Di balik sosoknya yang sangat bersahaja ternyata 'pemuda' ini mempunyai reputasi sangat-sangat luar biasa.

Di sini saya berusaha menyalin CV-nya. Mudah-mudahan tidak banyak yang terlewat:

  • Adam Khoo is an entrepreneur, a best-selling author and a peak performance trainer.
  • A self-made millionaire by the age of 26 and now a multi-millionaire at the age of 31.
  • He owns and runs 3 different companies with a combined annual turnover of $20 million.
  • He is the best-selling author of "I Am Gifted, So Are You!", a motivational accelerated book that was ranked MPH #1 best-seller in 1998 and 1999.
  • He is also the co-author of "How to Multiply your Child's Intelligence" and "Clueless in Starting a Business".
  • Another of his Best-selling books, “Master your Mind, Design your Destiny” has been ranked #2 on the Straits Times Life! Best-sellers list since its launch.
  • The latest collection to his fine collection is the “Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires”.
He holds an honours degree in Business Administration from the National University of Singapore, from where he was ranked among the top one percent (1%) of academic achievers.

Adam is known as one of the most dynamic and powerful speakers in Asia, having motivated and trained over 200,000 professionals, managers, executives, salespeople, teachers and students in areas like Entrepreneurship, Strategic Marketing and Sales, Motivation, Presentation and Communication Skills and Accelerated Learning Techniques and Behavioural Change Technologies, among other areas. He has worked with hundreds of multi-national corporations, schools and non-profit organizations in Singapore and around the region.

His success and achievements have been featured in The Straits Times, The Sunday Times, The New Paper, Lianhe Zaobao, Channel News Asia (CNA), Streats, The Business Times, Mediacorp Channel 8 Money News, Mediacorp News Radio 93.8, Asian Business the Magazine for Entrepreneur, Prestige, Her World Magazine, Calibre Magazine, Channel U, The Star and The Sun Malaysian newspapers and others.

Hmm... Orang-orang luar biasa penampilannya memang bersahaja...

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